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Destiny - New Screens, Each Location in Destiny About “the Size of Halo: Reach,” Over 500 People Working on the Title

Big, meet bigger. Bungie software engineer Christian Diefenbach has revealed that each major location in the forthcoming Destiny is “more or less the same size” as an entire game - Halo Reach, to be specific.

Speaking to Brazilian website Jogos, Diefenbach also revealed that there are over 500 people working on Destiny, where 130 people worked on the original Halo.

As you hopefully know by now, the game casts players as Guardians, and sees you exploring the wreckage of a human solar empire for secrets, ancient weapons and things to blow up or run away from. According to Diefenbach, Destiny employs two perspectives: you’ll fight in first person while out and about, but exploration of social areas (where you’ll meet other players and choose missions) takes place in third person, the better to appreciate your costume and loadout.

via, OXM, MP1ST

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